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Gym Management

Top Gym Management Software In Noida, India

What is Gym Management Software?

It is a software used to manage the gym and fitness centres in an easy way. using this software you can gain the trust of your customers and increase your sales by managing them properly. You can also keep track of your expenses and revenues generated. CodeWraps customizes it to make it fir for your business in a cost effective manner. So digitalize your business for digital workout and diet plan. Your customers will easily be able to book their classes online and be able to receive persona; training online through this gym management software in Noida, India.

Who uses Health Club and Gym Software?

Gym management software is not just for those who are running their traditional gyms but also for those who are maintain yoga studios, dance studios, salons, spas, and independent personal trainer to schedule their activities and business. Anyone who is having the business of providing classes to their customers may use this fitness software. Though in schools, camps and event venues there are lot of reservable space available hence traditional scheduling is best for them. The main focus of providing best gym management software in India is trainer and class scheduling, membership management, milestone tracking, space utilization or resource management.

What are the Main Features of Fitness & Gym Management Software?

The main objective of the Gym management software India is to provide assistance in handling the information of the people who are coming to the gym to maintain their health. It also keep track of the information related to their health through schedule management. It maintains the data of what medicines are taken by the people who are joining the gym through schedule management. All the data is stored in the database.

Fitness club & Gym Management Software allows the storing of health details, schedule, equipments of gym, and other details like how many days the person is attending the classes, etc. This system is strong enough to withstand under certain conditions when the database is cleared over a certain time span and is maintained properly. Once this software gets implemented in your organization, it will reduce the data entry operations, and provide rapid calculations.

  • 1. Membership Management
  • 2. Bar code Printing
  • 3. User-friendly administrative interface.
  • 4. Create/Edit/Delete of the Membership plans
  • 5. Expiration of the membership accounts status.
  • 6. Income growth of the business, plans and analytics
  • 7. Photo capture supported
  • 8. Edit/Delete/View of Membership
  • 9. Unpaid/advance/new Payments
  • 10. Scheduling of history report generation

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