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Best Attendance Management Software in Noida

Simplify Your Attendance Tracking of Employees Using Our Attendance Management Software In Noida India.

What is an Attendance Management System?

Attendance Management System helps you keep track of the store and manage its ongoing operations on a real-time basis. It eliminates the time theft of employees and also manages the attendance of the employees. This software can be accessed by only HR people and managers.

purpose of hr & payroll attendance

What is the Purpose of HR & Payroll Attendance Monitoring Software?

Are you looking forward to avail attendance management software so that it can get integrated with a lot of systems easily? If yes then you are at the right platform and we can help you by offering a better best attendance management software in Noida which is simple and robust. With the up gradations in the technologies it fits with an agility that is seamless. Once you go through the integration of the software with the existing system, we can discuss the various features that it consists of. Or we can say that it should be up-to-date with all the latest technology systems. With the emergence of biometric devices, IP based logins and GPS attendance tracking, these areas are getting more competitive.

Why Do We Need Attendance Software for HR & Payroll in Noida India?

There are many organizations that are having different shifts and work from home options for their employees. In such cases, the attendance monitoring system becomes more tricky and warrants a system which can keep track with the demands. This Employee attendance management software documents the leaves and the breaks of every employee. Online IP based attendance management system, time cards, spreadsheet based timesheets, or a manual attendance register tells how a software can help the organization to streamline these daily processes which is a huge task for the management and HR.

Features Of Employee Attendance Management System

There are various advanced features of this software have a look at them that are as follows:-

  • 1. Simple check-in and check-out function that are accurate
  • 2. Project time calculations
  • 3. Over time monitoring and calculations
  • 4. Multiple shift management function, etc
  • 5. Student fess management
  • 6. Easily compatible with various biometric devices and other emerging methods like GPS based tracking, RFID, NFC, Retina scanning, etc

How You Can Modernize the Experience of Your Employee Attendance System

Touch less Experience: Now you can experience the touch less biometric system which is used to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Modern Attendance Tracking System: In this modern AI-based employee attendance system you can easily keep tracks of check-in and check-out timing of your employees.

Face Mask Detection: In this the sensors are used which verify the presence of the face masks and other protective equipment on the face of employees in this pandemic

Temperature Scanning: AI-based infrared sensor cameras are capable of detecting the body temperature of employees instantly.

Cloud-Based Employee Management: This solution is provided to manage your employees in a smarter way. And this management is 100% safe and secure.

AI Driven Facial Recognition: Here the Artificial Intelligence driven facial recognition system is used to identify your employees.

100K Images: Facial recognition system allows to store about 100,000 images which ensures that all the employees and visitor’s information has been saved without any issue.

You can get all the records of attendance in just a click and all this data will be useful to you for processing the salary of each employee. So, now say no to old methods and let your employees mark their attendance online. CodeWraps can help you in providing the customized top attendance management software in Noida whenever you want. Reach our experts to get the more insight details.

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